Innovation Agency

Alternative Solutions




CGI Influencer/Artist



  • Virtual/Augmented Reality (first-mover advantage in this Revolutionary Trend)

    • Development of a CGI Artist'/Influencers along the likes of (Gorillazlilmiquela,  Blawko, etc.)

    • Can provide Virtual/Augmented reality experiences (Videos, performances, experiences, exhibits etc.)
  • International
    • Opportunities in Asian and European markets in which there is a massive surplus of consumers ready to yield to such talents providing, performance budgets/tours/merchandise sales, as well as potential foreign talent (i.e with 400m users QQ music retains more daily users than the likes of Spotify, Apple music, Tidal and etc. total user)
  • Aggregate (Digital Distribution)
    • Provide digital distribution as a service for artist’, indie labels, etc. with Alamo Records as the in-house incubation for talent (i.e Amuse, Kobalt, Distrokid, Tunecore etc.)
  • Blockchain
    • With Alamo there is the ability to implement cryptocurrency and raise funds to develop the technology  (i.e Singular DTV, Ujo, Moosecoin, etc.)