A. Strategic Analysis & Project

BETTER is proposing to create video content featuring Anthony Albertorio and various influencers that are aligned in the space of Entrepreneurship within NYC.

These digital assets (primarily video) will be used as Digital Media Marketing for Consensys (or the company of Anthony’s choice) with a focus on Mass Adoption of Blockchain technology.

Videography will take place within the five boroughs of New York City.

Content will be created and optimized for use on all social media platforms as a form of organic advertising.

These digital assets will be used for acquisition channels such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube/Website usage.

We will go through a process of pre production, video production, post production, design, and strategy to achieve the goal of increasing engagement and awareness of decentralized ledger technology.


If you decide to move forward with this process we will provide you with a work proposal and our strategy for generating profit and residual income with this content.


 Work Proposal Index

A. Strategic Analysis (A1. Required Hours, A2. Future Work)

B. Project Scope (B1. Project Index, B2. Project Breakdown (Hours))

C. Framework, Strategy & Goals (C1. Project Index, C2. Workload, C3. Phase One, C4. Phase Two C5. Phase Three)

D. Terms of Agreement (D1. Timeline, D2. Project Breakdown, D3. Payment Schedule)

E. Additional Details (E1. Work Agreement, E2. Workflow, E3. Goals & Objectives)

F. Conclusion (F1. Future Steps)

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