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a digital/physical experiential fitness campaign 


Massacre is an experiential marketing campaign and fitness class in one.  It will feature fitness influencers, certified personal trainers, and group fitness instructors.


How does it work?


The Class

Massacre is a paid in person group fitness class and free online fitness class.  @FleeFitty will operate as producer, instructor, and participant from time to time.


Many people follow fitness influencers wondering what their secrets are to being so fit and doing the amazing things they do within their lifestyle on a daily basis.  Most of these fans of your brand do not only follow you but they want to buy into your lifestyle and we are giving them the opportunity to do so while improving themselves!

The instructors will be mainly fitness influencers and will have a professional trainer or another fitness influencer as a guest instructor of the class.

Each instructor will bring a different training style and energy to the class. 



Class will be 1 hour long within this 1 hour class there should be a warm-up and cool-down.

The in person class will have 1-5 people 

The class will be recorded and put online for people to participate for free after the class

The classes can vary from HIIT to Powerlifting to Bodybuilding to Yoga.  As well as sports specific training such as Boxing.

In the first phase class will be free for Influencers with a following of 10k plus on Instagram.  As we increase in notoriety and scale upwards the following will have to be larger than 10k for you to attend class for free.  Or he/she will have to bring some other significant form of value that outweighs the marketing power.




The marketing from multiple influencers, professionals, and press/publications that we receive will serve as organic cross promotion within the niche field of fitness as well as other lifestyles that may come with the participants of the class.

We will implement live streaming (Instagram live/Facebook live) to serve as part of the digital activation within the experiential cross promotion.

We will also give you an edited video for you to post on your personal profile after the

In the both the edited and live videos you will be able to do product placement and end of workout shoutouts.  This will be useful for advertising any merch or personal training programs you may have for sale.




You will receive a high quality photo of you training the class for your personal use and it will be used for the press we gather.

It is also good for sharing with others who have attended for the day to organically spread.


Flee Fitty Merch

There may be times that we ask you to wear or use our products that we design or are partnered with.  

Don't Worry! We will make sure it aligns with your brand and looks dope too!  You can even customize a product with us if you like for sale, being that we are experienced designers.



We are in contact with multiple sponsors/partners that we had in the past for our events as well as future sponsors that we consider warm leads. 

These sponsors provide food, drinks, supplements, gear, press, and more. 

If you have any sponsors or ideas in mind please don't hesitate to share.  We are open to collaboration!

Anthony Crouchelli Fitness


We Want You !


We would like for you to pick a day and time once a week to be an instructor that will be filmed.  As a partner instructor of ours we can provide you with visuals and marketing via the MASSACRE campaign platform.  One of our long term goals is to get enough funding to turn this into an innovative fitness brand that creates a new facility for fitness equipment of the future (where I already have potential investors interested), new training methodologies, and more!


Also as a partner of ours if you want videos that are not fitness based and are outside of this campaign, we would like to receive business referrals, payment, or resources that help us with our overall business goals (resources may include venues / set design for video shoots, visual effects artists, production equipment, or anything else we can deem as fair during a conversation.)


Fitness Program

You will be able to market Anthony Crouchelli Fitness via our platform.  This ranges from online programs to personal training sessions. 

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Anthony Crouchelli only represents merchandise and supplement brands that he creates or personally uses


related partner work


The Brand

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Our Design

WE designed Viking Waffles packaging to tell a story as well as the Logo for a cleaner more organic look.  You can find them in stores, gyms, hotels, and online.  

media with another partner

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We produced this feature with Fitness Influencer Ashley Nocera and had it placed in Bleu Magazine!