Innovation Agency

Content Solutions




  • Vetted Talent (Blaatina, Slimesito, Tiva, Baybface Touré etc. )
    • Bringing potential artists with data analytics & content ready to be monetized
    • Low Maintenance, High engagement
      • With social media becoming more intuitive artists whose natural day to day actions are highly engaging for their fanbase allows them to be consistently rewarded by Platforms such as Instagram, Facebook etc in which once an influencer is niched their content must also follow suit for positive results (basically all these proposed artist’ can drive traffic being themselves minimizing Social medias volatile potential to affect ROI negatively)
  • Video
    • (Vertical Vlogs i.e IGTV/snapchat etc.,)

    • Music Videos/Short films

    • Featured films

  • Experiential Marketing
    • Alignment with trending brands reinforcing Alamo’s concurrent vision (Consumers should feel as if Alamo is always working with the right people at the right time before any other entities)

    • Bringing in effective campaigns with high caliber brands/companies (Extracting big budgets utilizing the unique relationship Alamo has with culture to expose its talent on highest platforms as well as bridge gaps for huge brands not as in sync, even revitalizing brands in some cases)

    • Product Launches

      • We have successfully accomplished fundraising campaigns with products such as Monster GoDJ