Content for each bike shall highlight it’s unique features showing Eisan provides value for it’s consumers through their products.

  • Scenery will consist of aesthetic shots that align with the consumer’s reality

  • Action shots highlight the purpose of the product in which the value is expressed to the consumer

  • Features reveal the quality of the product and technical possibilities that benefit the consumer





Project Scope


Eisan would like INDworks x BETTER to produce video content featuring their Mountain Bike, Electric Bike, and Hybrid Bike-Carriage.

We plan to film (or receive footage) and edit a video for each bike. After every bike edit is complete we will use the footage captured to create an overall Eisan Bike brand video.

Videography will take place within Tokyo, Japan.

Content will be created and optimized for use on all online/social media platforms.

As a result these digital assets will have the ability to be used for acquisition channels such as Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube/Website usage.

The value of the video will not only be based on its quality but it will also be based on its ability to be reused for years to come on many platforms (digital or physical).

We will go through a process of pre production strategy, video production, and post production to achieve the goal of increasing engagement and awareness of Eisan through how we style the video.


Below are the basic stages to our production process. The stages may vary based on the project scope, budget, turnaround time, and other subjective factors.


Pre Production

$ 1,000/¥ 111,900/₩ 1,137,000

Concept & Treatment Development

Storyboard / Shotlist


Sequence Folder Creation

Location Scouting

Equipment Preparation & Retrieval

Transportation Preparation



$ 1,000/¥ 111,900/₩ 1,137,000




Transporting Equipment & Props


Post Production

$600/¥ 67,000/₩ 682,000

Footage Sourcing

Proxy / Compression




Color Grading

Music Production / Selection

Audio Syncing

Audio Edit / Mix


TURNAROUND TIME & Payment schedule

Prior to filming we require a $1000 deposit to cover the cost of labor for pre-production and production. This deposit allows us to devote the necessary time to prepare, pay staff, and edit. After the edit is complete you will pay the remaining cost of the project.

Per our analysis, we estimate the three videos will be delivered at a pace of 2 weeks per video edit. This is at the rate of $2600 for video one, $2600 for video 2, and $600 for video 3.

If you are unable to pay our rate we can offer you the option of doing a payment plan with us. For the plan Eisan will pay $1000 installments every two weeks until the overall cost of the project is paid for.


Future work

After delivering the videos we have the ability to provide you with strategies to increase your engagement, sales, and customer retention.

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